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Yamashita Asian Home Cooking

Yamashita Asian Home Cooking offers authentically flavoured Hong Kong & Asian dishes by combining a wide arrange of Asian and British ingredients.

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Pickled Cucumbers


A refreshing tapas to rich Asian main courses, the cucumbers are seasoned with a sweet and sour dressing, and also a subtle chilli spicy finish.

HK Style Braised Lamb Casserole


Back to the 80's... this Hong Kong Style Braised Lamb Casserole is a popular dish perfect for the winter time. The complexity flavour profile of this casserole really lets every ingredient shine through.


Taiwanese Beef Noodle


A signature Taiwanese comfort food, a bowl of noodle soup topped with tender braised beef, pickled vegetable, carrots and beef broth.

HK Style Braised Chicken with Chinese Rice Wine Sauce


A classic Hong Kong style tasty treat for families, enjoying the savoury and sweetness of the braised chicken infused with the aroma of traditional rice wine.

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