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The oil inherent in soybeans produces sweetness and mildness, and the rich flavor enhances the deliciousness of food.


  • Most soybeans used to make soy sauce are processed soybeans that have had the oil and fat content removed beforehand,
  • Marudaima Kinjishio" is made from soybeans that have not been defatted (marudaima).
  • The oil inherent in soybeans enhances the flavor of dishes with its rich taste.


How to eat and use: Kake soy sauce, simmered dishes, etc


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Yamae Food Industry Co. / Miyazaki

Ingredients: Soybeans (from Canada), wheat, salt, fructose glucose liquor/alcohol, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sweetener (stevia), vitamin B1

Allergenic substances: Wheat, Soya beans

Volumn: 1L

Koikuchi Soya Sauce MARUDAIZU KINSHO 濃口醤油丸大豆金醤

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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