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It is made only with Hakata salt, grilled salt, and organic JAS-certified yuzu citrons grown in Shikoku.


  • It is made only with Hakko salt, baked salt, and yuzu powder.
  • Yuzu powder dried by far-infrared rays is used.
  • The aroma of yuzu and the bitterness of the peel spread.


How to eat and use: Use as a take-out, delivery, or use-as-you-go type in restaurants.


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Hakata Salt Industry Co. / Ehime

Ingredients: Yuzu powder (manufactured in Ehime, Japan), natural sea salt (Mexico or Australia), seawater (Japan)


Volumn: 0.5g x 50 packs

Hakata no Shio Yuzu Salt 伯方の塩柚子塩

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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