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Popularity is on the rise! Raw" pepper pickled in salt that can be eaten as it is. Perfect as a snack for drinks or as an egg on rice!


  • High quality Cambodian Kampot Pepper, recognized worldwide (GI certified)
  • Cambodian pepper, which was once discontinued due to the civil war that lasted until 1993
  • The "raw" pepper in salt is still rare in Japan. It can be eaten as it is.


How to eat and use: Serve as a snack with beer. Serve with cheese and wine. As a topping for meat dishes. Add to salads and pastas. Also delicious as an egg on rice or ochazuke (rice with tea).


Product Details:

Manufacturer: AKO Corporation / Hiroshima

Ingredients: Pepper and salt

Volumn: 30g

Fresh Cambodian pepper in salt カンボジア産生胡椒の塩漬け

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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