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Thick, sweet soy sauce made by maturing domestic soybeans and wheat moromi for 1.5 years


  • Soybeans and wheat are produced domestically, and homemade mash that has been ripened for about 18 months is carefully strained.
  • It is a sweet soy sauce with a unique sweet and thick taste unique to Hagi.
  • No additives of sweeteners, coloring agents, or thickeners are used.


How to eat and use: Use as soy sauce for dipping or seasoning dishes.


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Miyoshino Soy Sauce Co. / Yamaguchi

Ingredients: Sugar (glacial molasses (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, sugar), salt, amino acid solution, nonfat processed soybeans, wheat, mirin/alcohol, (contains some wheat and soybeans)

Allergenic substances: Wheat, Soya beans, Mackerel / Fishes

Volumn: 1L

Dark Soy Sauce Hagi Soy Sauce 萩醤油濃口醤油

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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