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Ponzu yuzu bonito made with soy sauce aged in wooden vats.


  • Soy sauce matured in wooden vats
  • Salt value of 8.2%.
  • Yuzu from Ibaraki Prefecture is used.


How to eat and use: Use as a dressing for salmon and salads, as a sauce for shabu-shabu and dumplings.


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Shibanuma Soy Sauce International Co. / Ibaraki 

Ingredients: Soy sauce, sugar mixed with glucose-fructose liquid sugar, brewed vinegar, yuzu juice, bonito flakes extract, yeast extract, lemon juice / Seasoning (amino acid, etc.), (some contain soybeans, wheat, mackerel)

Allergenic substances: Wheat, Soya beans, Mackerel / Fishes

Volumn: 300ml

Shibamine Ponzu Yuzu Katsuo 紫峰ポン酢ゆずかつお

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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