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Yamada-Nishiki produced in Mirai, Hyogo Prefecture, known for its high quality, is polished to 50% and carefully brewed in a bag. This is a richly flavored food sake with an elegant aroma and a beautiful harmony of the umami of the rice. It is slightly dry, with a gentle acidity that is in perfect balance with the rich umami, and is recommended as a food sake to be paired with light-flavored dishes such as seafood.


  • Slightly dry, with a gentle acidity that is perfectly balanced with a full-bodied umami flavor.
  • IWC (UK) Champion sake
  • Brewer: Sendai Izawaya Katsuyama Shuzo (Miyagi / Sendai)


Product Details:

Rice: Not specified

Polishing Ration: 50%

ABV %: 16%

Volumn: 180ml

勝山 献 純米吟醸 Katsuyama Dedication Junmai Ginjo

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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