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This is a ponzu made from whole jabara, even the skin, and each bottle is handmade with a special focus on the flavor of the jabara. Japon has a flavor that cannot be found in other products.


  • Seasoning Championship 2020. Winner of the Best Local Category!


How to eat and use: In winter, it can be used in a variety of dishes such as hot pots, udon, yudofu, shabu-shabu, bonito tataki, and dumplings. It is also easy to make vinegar sauce by mixing it with red wine.


Product Details:

Manufacturer: Jabaraizu Kitayama Co. / Wakayama

Ingredients: Soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, pomegranate, salt, yeast extract

Allergenic substances: Wheat, Soya beans

Volumn: 360ml

Citrus Jabara Ponzu Jabon

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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