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Yuedo Brewery is the first team in Hong Kong to grow the "Yamadanishiki," the king of Japanese sake rice, locally. The team cultivated enough high-quality Yamadanishiki rice suitable for brewing sake through "fish-rice symbiosis" on an organic farmland of over 20,000 square feet in Da Maoshan and handed it over to Japan's century-old sake brewery "Hana no Mai" for brewing!


"Him" has a rich aroma with a distinctive Kyara Agarwood scent, coupled with the fragrance of the rice. It has a lingering finish and is suitable for pairing with seafood.


Product Details:

Region: Shizuoka Prefecture

Brewery Name: Yuedo Brewery

Rice: Organic Yamadanishiki rice grown in Hong Kong

Polishing Ration: Not Disclosed

ABV %: 15.5%

Acidity: Not Disclosed

Sake Metre Value: Not Disclosed

Volumn: 720ml

Chinsei "Him" Yamadanishiki

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