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Miyamanishiki, developed in Nagano Prefecture, is the third most popular sake rice in Japan after Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku. It produces a gentle, delicate aroma and a clean, tight taste, and its lightness makes for a sake that you will never get tired of drinking.


  • 100% Miyamanishiki
  • Kura Master (France) Platinum in Junmai category
  • Brewer: Sanwa Shuzo (Shimizu, Shizuoka Prefecture)


Product Details:

Rice: Miyamanishiki

Polishing Ration: 55%

ABV %: 16%

Volumn: 180ml

臥龍梅 純米吟醸 美山錦 Garyubai Junmai Ginjo Miyamanishiki

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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