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Mino Nishiki, a precious sake rice produced only in the Mino City area where the brewery is located, is polished to 60% and brewed with sweet and mellow Nagara River subsoil water. When poured into a glass, the fruity aroma appears lightly and spreads slowly. It has a fresh mouthfeel that is only possible with unfiltered sake, and it also has a smooth, crisp finish. 


  • Fruity aroma appears lightly when poured into a glass.
  • Can be enjoyed with Japanese dishes such as sashimi and grilled fish, and Western dishes with cheese and oil.
  • Brewer: Kosaka Sake Brewery (Gifu / Mino)


Product Details:

Rice: Mino Nishiki

Polishing Ration: 60%

ABV %: 16.5%

Volumn: 180ml

百春 美濃錦 純米吟醸 無濾過原酒 Hyakushun Minonishiki Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered Genshu

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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