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This is the ultimate dry junmai sake brewed for more than 35 years by Imanishi Seibei Shoten, which has handed down the high quality of the traditional "Nanto Morohaku" sake brewing method in Nara, the birthplace of Japanese sake. With a sharp taste that enhances the flavor of a variety of foodstuffs, this is a bottle that shows its true value as a mid-meal sake.


  • Long seller of dry sake for over 35 years
  • Sake degree +12, super dry but with refined aroma, mellowness and umami.
  • Brewer: Imanishi Seibei Shoten (Nara / Naramachi)


Product Details:

Rice: Dewa Kirari

Polishing Ration: 60%

ABV %: 15%

Sake Degree: +12

Volumn: 180ml

春鹿 純米 超辛口 Harushika Junmai Super Dry

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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