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This dry junmai sake is brewed by the Kohime Sake Brewery, which has won numerous awards at domestic and international competitions, using Saga prefecture's edible rice, Sagabiyori. In the mouth, a fruity aroma reminiscent of melon rises gently, and the dry taste is full and crisp. It can also be enjoyed warmed, and when drunk cold, you can enjoy its crisp taste and refreshing aftertaste


  • Dry junmai sake brewed with edible rice from Saga Prefecture, Sagabiyori
  • Gold medal in the National Heated Sake Contest
  • Brewer: Kohime Sake Brewery (Saga / Kashima)


Product Details:

Rice: Not specified

Polishing Ration: 75%

ABV %: 15%

Volumn: 180ml

幸姫 辛口 純米 Kohime Dry Junmai

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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