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This unfiltered sake is made with locally grown rice and Hiroshima yeast, selected by the toji (master brewer). You can enjoy the freshly brewed taste that only unfiltered, unfiltered sake can offer. In the mouth, it has a gorgeous aroma reminiscent of fresh apples and a sweet, full flavor that leaves a refreshing aftertaste.


  • It is an excellent match for strong flavored dishes! Exquisite balance of flavor and clean aftertaste!
  • IWC (UK) Gold Winner in Junmai Daiginjo category
  • Brewer: Miyake Honten (Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture)


Product Details:

Rice: Not specified

Polishing Ration: 50%

ABV %: 16.5%

Volumn: 180ml

千福 純米大吟醸 無濾過原酒 Senbuku Junmai Daiginjo Unfiltered Harajuku

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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