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Known as the brewery that originated the Awamashi Yeast, Yugami Seishu uses locally grown high quality sake rice and the pure water of Okuizumo, and is finished with the skillful techniques of the Izumo toji (master brewer). It has a well-balanced combination of rice flavor and a clean aftertaste, making it an excellent match for strong-flavored food. The original sake is not sold to the general public and is specially prepared for this canned series.


  • It is an excellent match for strong flavored dishes! Exquisite balance of flavor and clean aftertaste!
  • Kura Master (France) Platinum in Junmai category *Original product
  • Brewer: Yagami Seishu (Shimane Prefecture / Okuizumo)


Product Details:

Rice: Not specified

Polishing Ration: 55%

ABV %: 18%

Volumn: 180ml

七冠馬 特別純米 原酒 Shichikanma Special Junmai Genshu

Expected ship by the end of September 2023
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